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Yoga for Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight with Yoga

It has long been accepted that yoga helps with flexibility, strength building, toning muscles, and boosting mental and physical functions. But yoga for weight loss is a different story. Is it possible to shed extra weight doing a yoga practice? Yes; but losing weight depends mostly on the intensity of your yoga workout. Follow these tips and you'll be steps closer to a slimmer you...Read more.
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Yoga in Cape Town

There are dozens of styles of yoga; from intense Ashtanga to easy going Hatha. Discover the varied and exciting styles and teachers right here in Cape Town.
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Yoga and the Moon

The Moon's Significance to Yoga

If you are familiar with ashtanga yoga, you've probably been cautioned against practicing yoga at the time of a full or new moon. This has little to do with the popular notion of higher incidences of accidents and birthings during full moons, but more to do with our internal energies at these times.
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Classes Articles
Classical Hatha Yoga Style Classes
Classical Hatha Yoga Style Classes Class in Sea Point, in a studio in the Anti-Aging Clinic, at no. 10 Kloof Road Timetable: Monday - beginner‘s/restor

Chaitanya School of Yoga
Hatha Yoga Classes: - All levels on Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm - 7:15pm - All levels on Saturday and Sunday from 10 - 11:15am Prenatal Yoga

Yoga at CityROCK
We of course welcome non-climbers to participate in our Yoga classes. Beginners and Non-climbers welcome at all our Classes! We have become a small bu

Bikram and Vinyasa Power Yoga
Yoga Zone specializes in Hot Yoga classes - Bikram and Vinyasa or Power Yoga. Established in 2002 as the first hot yoga studio in SA we have are situated in

yoga vinyasa Monday 9 am 6 pm/ Tuesday 9 am/ Wednesday 5.45 pm/ Thurs 9 am 6 pm/ Friday 9 am
YOGA AT THE BUDDHIST CENTER Open to all , daily classes Monday 9 am 10.15- 6 pm 7:15 Tuesday 9 -10.15 am Wednesday 5:45-7pm Thur 9-10.15am 6-7.15pm Fri

Gururamdas Yoga Class Schdule
Monday: 09.00 - 10.15 Kundalini Yoga Ilana 18.00 - 19.30 Kundalini Yoga Anton Tuesday: 06.45 - 08.00 Kundalini Yoga Anton 18.00 - 19.15 Anusara Flow

Sivananda Yoga Class Schedule
Tuesday class: 18:30 Hatha Yoga Intermediate Thursday class: 18:30 Hatha Yoga All Levels Saturday class: 8:30 Hatha Yoga All Levels Class Fees: 1 clas

Lotus Yoga Club Class Schedule
Offers classical Hatha yoga lessons in Cape Town. Hatha yoga was founded by Goraksa Natha in North India around AD 11C as a way of attaining enlightenment.

Yoga Ananda Sang Yoga Class Schedule
Monday from 08h30 - 09h45 and 18h00 - 19h15 Tuesday from 08h30 - 09h45 and 18h00 - 19h15 Wednesday from 08h30 - 09h45 Thursday from 08h30 - 09h45 a

Yoga Class Schedule at Adi Shakti Yoga Center
Hatha Yoga with Dorly. General classes on Mondays from 17:30 – 19:00 Kundalini Yoga with Dorly on Tuesdays 17:30 – 19:00 Hatha Yoga with Carla. Genera

Hatha Yoga by Charne
Hatha Yoga Class Times: One on ones sessions: Mondays to Fridays 9:00 till 16:00 R60 per session. Tuesday evenings: 19:30 - 20:30 Thursday mornings

Cape Town Yoga Centre
Monday from 5:45 - 7:15pm Tuesday from 8:30 - 10am Wednesday from 5:45 - 7:15pm Thursday Friday from 8:30 - 10am Saturday 8:30 - 10am

Yoga and Vedanta Classes with International Teacher from India
class, talk and retreat schedule Sat 17th March • Master class • 9am - 1pm (Venue in CT to be decided) Mon 19th March • Master class • 12:30 - 3pm (

Yoga for Moms and Babies
Specialised classes designed for a gentle yoga practice for parents and their babies. Classes include meditation, pranayama and asana suitable for practice

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga
Join "Mad About Yoga" on Facebook. WARNING: Yoga is very addictive! Learn to move your body in fun & creative ways through the practice of Yoga, makin

GoYogah Class Schedule
GoYogah Class Schedule Monday Foundation from 12.00 - 1.15 pm Therapeutic Yoga from 5.45 - 7.15 pm Yoga Tuesday Yoga Classes from 7.30 - 9.00am

It's Yoga Cape Town Class Schedule
Monday 09:00 - 10:15am: Rocket I (all levels) 06:00 - 7:15pm: Rocket I (all levels) 07:30 - 8:45pm: Modified Primary Series (beginner) Tuesday 07:0

Shanti Cape Town Class Schedule
Monday Mysore 6.30 - 8.30am Beginners Mysore 7.15 - 8.15am LED 6.00 - 7.15pm Tuesday Mysore 8.30 - 10.30am Beginners Mysore 9.00 - 10.00a

Ananda Sanga Yoga Classes
We offer a variety of yoga classes since 1996 in peaceful surroundings. Our style is Vinyasa Yoga, incorporating breath with movement. We also offer yoga

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Questions everyone has but nobody wants to ask
As a yoga teacher you will certainly get a lot of unusual and unanticipated questions from your students, but there are some things which every new practiti...

Keeping up your yoga practice during the summer
As the summer gets in to full swing, the question many of us are asking ourselves is how we will keep up our yoga routine. Holidays and balmy evenings spent...

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Workshops Teacher Trainings
take heart! Yoga Workshop & Community Benefit

Yoga for Surfers with Jim Harrington

White Tantric Yoga

Chill-out Weekend Retreat

6 Week Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Course

Saturday Workshops at GoYogah

View all Yoga Workshops
Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Laughter Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Yoga Teacher

Teacher Training with with Jim Harrington

Ananda Sanga Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga Retreat in the Foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains

Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Retreats

A Joyful Reconnection with Life

Akwaba Pura Vida Costa Rica

Yoga Holiday & Retreat: India

yoga teacher training in india

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